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Alle Angebote von artFAQ sind kostenlos.

Practice-oriented, mentored assistant positions that promote the early careers of future production managers.

A team of experienced production managers who will advise you on all your production-related questions.

Workspace and meeting place for cultural workers in the heart of Zürich.

The evening input on pressing topics in the cultural scene, followed by an informal exchange over an apéro.

Early morning input by experts on urgent production-related topics.

Courses for cultural workers who already work or would like to work in the field of production.

Job market that matches artists and production managers with each other.

The assistant program, in which production management is learned practically and step by step over an entire theater season at different theaters and venues.

Events for mediation, discussion and networking on production-related topics in cooperation with actors of the cultural scene in the Zürich region.

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