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Production management is a profession that requires very broad knowledge which is often acquired practically. artFAQ supports the first career steps of future production managers with a practice-oriented, mentored assistant programme. For the assistant programme, artFAQ collaborates with theatres and festivals in the city or canton of Zürich.


By working with an experienced production manager, the production assistant gains an overview of the most important production-related topics - from the initial concept to financing to project completion. In parallel, artFAQ mentors the assistant and supplements the practical experience with various theoretical inputs.


The assistant programme can take many forms, depending on the project and partner institution. It usually lasts six to ten weeks with a 50% workload, and it is paid.


Currently, there is no assistance position open. Upcoming assistance jobs will be published here. 

The production assistances are carried out in collaboration with partner institutions. The following partners have been involved in previous production assistances:

«After my training in cultural management and participating in various artFAQ courses, working as a production assistant at About Us! allowed me to apply the newly learned skills in practice. I got in contact with experienced project managers and artists and I am grateful for the valuable insights I was able to gain as part of the About Us! team.»

Sandra Karim, Production Assistance About Us! 

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