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match is the job market in the field of production in Switzerland

a small, effective mailing list through which artFAQ sends out job offers and makes sure they reach production managers who are looking for more work.



...looking for a production manager for the next project? Then send us your offer on match(at), and we will try to find a good match. The

e-mails are being processed once a week.


Your job offer should be attractively designed, describe the content of your project, and answer at least the following questions:

For what period are you looking for a production manager?

What should the production manager do on your project?

How is the payment regulated?


It is also important that you plan enough lead time for the search for a production manager. If you are looking at very short notice, it is usually difficult to find a match.


…work as a production manager and have free capacities for projects? match not only needs job offers, but also you as a production manager who is willing to take on offers. If you want to be added to the mailing list to receive the latest job offers, email match(at)

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