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The story of artFAQ began on a mild summer evening in 2017 with five production managers on a rooftop terrace. The conversations revolved around frequent calls from friends in the cultural field with questions about contracts, payslips, foundations and other production issues. A brainstorming began: Where can cultural workers find answers without having to ask for a friendly favor every time? How can the frequently asked questions be collected and answered in the long-term to prevent each production manager or cultural worker having to learn about all the topics from scratch?


These questions gave rise to the idea for artFAQ. In October 2018, the project started with a two-year pilot phase, and about two years later the city of Zürich selected artFAQ as the production platform  2021-2024. In July 2021 artFAQ moved to its current location in the Kulturmarkt Zürich.

«FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions»

The focus of artFAQ is on the education and training of cultural professionals who are or would like to be active in the field of production and project management. artFAQ bundles knowledge, answers questions and shares expertise. artFAQ is a structure by and for the independent theatre, performance and dance scene in the city and canton of Zürich. It strengthens the profession of production management with various free offers.


Anyone who benefits from the offers of artFAQ is invited to help further develop artFAQ - be it with valuable feedback, by recommending it to others or by contributing their own ideas.

For further information on the work and organizational structure of artFAQ see the annual report, the organization chart and the mission statement (all in German). 

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